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The Secret to Small Business Marketing

The Big SECRET to Promoting Your Small Business

“How do I drive traffic to my website?” Our support team receives countless phone calls from customers asking this exact question, in different variations. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is anything but simple. Neither a short, one-hour phone conversation nor an educational webinar will suffice. There are no “quick-fix” answers to this question, nor are there one-time remedies for…

I guess I'm the next High King... egghhem, Queen.

How the Sword of Excalibur Can Inspire Your Web Design!

For those of you with a hefty background in science fiction, you already know the story of the legendary Excalibur sword. If you didn’t spend your youth engulfed in sci-fi, then the legend of Excalibur is either foreign or a distant memory. Here is a brief background story: Many moons ago, the British citizens, were engulfed by turmoil; their King,…

To Blog, or Not to Blog, That is the B2B Question

To Blog, or Not to Blog, That is the B2B Question–

I have been asked, multiple times, whether blogging is a “productive” content marketing strategy for B2B companies. To keep things simple, the answer is yes. It absolutely is an effective and beneficial aspect of B2B marketing. Why would anyone read a blog from a B2B company? It seems like it would be a waste of time because their end-result customer…


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