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The Golden Rule of Content Marketing

The Golden Rule of Content Marketing (Part 1)

The Golden Rule of Content Marketing: post informative and educational content 70% of the time, ask for the sale 20% of the time, and add personal flair 10% of the time. 70/20/10. The 20%, or rather the self-promotion percentage, is the easier part of content marketing; this includes: promoting sales, marketing new product releases, releasing product reviews, and anything else relating to your…

The 50 BEST Small Business Marketing Tools

  As per my blog post yesterday, I promised a curated list of 50 marketing tools for small business owners, and I am going to provide just that. Bookmark all of these marketing blogs, or bookmark by category. Whichever you prefer, these tools will come in handy for your small business! I have broken these marketing tools into the following…

SEO Optimized Web Design

5 Essentials for SEO Optimized Web Design

Did you know that 75% of internet users make a judgment about your business based on your web design and content? It’s true! How many times have you been browsing the internet, only to find a handful of websites with plain text and just really, really crummy design? It’s more common than you think! Watch our short video to learn…


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