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Weird Al- Your New Business Muse

Weird Al–Your New Business Muse

As of late, you’ve most certainly ran into an article or two about Weird Al Yankovic, the parody singer who 9 times out of 10 causes a riot with each new track release. Though he may unnerve many people (including myself at times), he is pretty great at what he does (which is nothing special) and his songs are released on iTunes,…

Tim Howard for President

Vote #TimHowardForPresident: The Best Tim Howard Posts on the Internet

It was an unfortunate World Cup loss for Team USA yesterday afternoon in the round of 16. However, the Internet is buzzing about Tim Howard’s incredible showcase during their match against Belgium. Rightly so! Howard proved himself the MVP of yesterday’s game, and was rewarded with that exact title. He was also given the title of Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia, he…

The 50 BEST Small Business Marketing Tools

  As per my blog post yesterday, I promised a curated list of 50 marketing tools for small business owners, and I am going to provide just that. Bookmark all of these marketing blogs, or bookmark by category. Whichever you prefer, these tools will come in handy for your small business! I have broken these marketing tools into the following…


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