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7 Ways to Promote Your Online Store

7 Ways to Promote Your Online Store

We have had some¬†great questions as of late, regarding the marketing of online stores. Is it different from brick-and-mortar stores, or do you market your eCommerce the same way? Well, the short answer is “yes,” there is a difference in marketing strategy. But we won’t just leave you with a simple answer; here are 8 ways to promote your online…

5 Tips for Promoting Your Summer Products

5 Tips for Promoting Your Summer Products

We are almost two weeks into summer, which means that your summer-esque promotional products are in season! Think beach balls, folding chairs, arc umbrellas, flip flops, and Coolies… Anything you can bring to the beach, should be in the forefront of your mind in all marketing endeavors. It would be simple to post Tweet after Tweet saying “Want your business’…

The 50 BEST Small Business Marketing Tools

  As per my blog post yesterday, I promised a curated list of 50 marketing tools for small business owners, and I am going to provide just that. Bookmark all of these marketing blogs, or bookmark by category. Whichever you prefer, these tools will come in handy for your small business! I have broken these marketing tools into the following…


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