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Small Business Taxes

Your Complete Guide to Small Business Taxes

Tax season. The most exciting time of year… NOT! Tax season is daunting for not only working men and women, but also businesses.¬†How can you estimate your taxes for 2014 without completely losing your mind? You can file taxes to behoove your business’ financial status. It requires patience and a high level of preparation. To help you prepare for the…

Link Building 101

Link Building 101

If you want that coveted spot on the first page of Google… I mean, you REALLY want to be on that first page… Link building should be on your radar. We give you all the tools you need to boost your SEO with link building!

The Perfect Promo Sales Pitch

The Perfect Promo Sales Pitch

Selling anything to anyone is a valuable skill that is difficult to teach and even more difficult to perfect. What makes a good salesperson or a bad salesperson? What is the difference between being good and great? The simple answer is listening. A good salesperson should talk about 20% of the time and listen the other 80%. This is a…


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