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Take Your Press Release To the Next Level

On Monday we mentioned press releases as a helpful tool for developing your local search engine optimization. But, it was our fault for leaving you with little direction… In order to portray your business in a positive light, you must eliminate all spam-like tendencies. If you’re wondering why your press releases are never published, you may not be doing them right (please,…

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The Promo Industry: Price vs. Value

In an increasingly competitive industry, how do you set yourself above the crowd? How can you compete with a business that is offering sub-market prices for the same products that you are selling? At first glance, it may seem that you are out of the race to be the highest selling distributor or supplier. But, we have some good news!…

Theory Thursday: Networking Made Simple

Theory Thursday: Networking Made Simple

In our new series ‘Theory Thursday’ we will discuss general business theories and practices. The topics will include: overall business management, social media and content marketing, creating and maintaining your brand voice, networking, measuring analytics, and much more! In today’s Theory Thursday blog, I will address the topic of networking; that dreaded term we hear so often on LinkedIn or at the prospect…


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