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The Secret to Small Business Marketing

The Big SECRET to Promoting Your Small Business

“How do I drive traffic to my website?” Our support team receives countless phone calls from customers asking this exact question, in different variations. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is anything but simple. Neither a short, one-hour phone conversation nor an educational webinar will suffice. There are no “quick-fix” answers to this question, nor are there one-time remedies for…

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Quick Guide: Customizing your Social Media Visuals, Part 1

One of our most recent blog posts addresses the importance of your website design, which, as we have discussed, is a crucial component to the success of your small business. Thoughtful and creative visuals are a key component to developing trust with your customers. As the times change, and millennials take over commerce *sigh* you must make the necessary adjustments…

Me. Prepping for battle. I hand carved the sword.

300: The Rise of Small Business–SPOILER ALERT!

Before you divulge yourself in this article, take note this article has spoilers for 300: Rise of an Empire. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE, DO NOT READ ON… YOUR HOPES AND GREATEST DREAMS WILL BE CRUSHED UNDER THE STURDY FOOT OF THE GREEK WARRIORS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. That being said, I will commence this article on…


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