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7 Ways to Promote Your Online Store

7 Ways to Promote Your Online Store

We have had some great questions as of late, regarding the marketing of online stores. Is it different from brick-and-mortar stores, or do you market your eCommerce the same way? Well, the short answer is “yes,” there is a difference in marketing strategy. But we won’t just leave you with a simple answer; here are 8 ways to promote your online…

The Secret to Small Business Marketing

The Big SECRET to Promoting Your Small Business

“How do I drive traffic to my website?” Our support team receives countless phone calls from customers asking this exact question, in different variations. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is anything but simple. Neither a short, one-hour phone conversation nor an educational webinar will suffice. There are no “quick-fix” answers to this question, nor are there one-time remedies for…

Does Your B2B Need a Featured Blog?

Your website can be your best friend… If you put the work into nourishing the friendship!

To build a great website, you need to optimize your SEO both onsite and offsite; BOTH are necessary for a flourishing small business.

A common question we receive during training sessions is: “Do I still need a blog even though I’m a small business in the B2B industry?”

Completely valid question! We get it; it may not seem that a blog would be helpful if you’re chatting to other businesses, not the consumer. And how do you create an enticing blog when talking to other professionals?

We answer all of your questions on this “Business Minute,” so hold tight and enjoy the video!


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