Parris Wells

Hello, My name is Parris Wells and I am the Director of Social Media for Trade Only USA. I enjoy long talks on the web, eating Twizzlers by the ocean, and indulging in my 4th cup of coffee. I look forward to our adventures on this blog... Never hesitate to comment questions or opinions; they're always welcome!
The Perfect Promo Sales Pitch

The Perfect Promo Sales Pitch

Selling anything to anyone is a valuable skill that is difficult to teach and even more difficult to perfect. What makes a good salesperson or a bad salesperson? What is the difference between being good and great? The simple answer is listening. A good salesperson should talk about 20% of the time and listen the other 80%. This is a…

Boost Online Sales

Boost Online Sales, With One Step

Imagine that your daughter asks for a Size 4, pink, soccer ball for her birthday. You think to yourself: “This should be easy!” To get this soccer ball, you have 1 of 2 options. Option 1: You head to Soccer World, which has everything you could possibly need to play soccer… and lots of it! You pull into a parking…

Trade Only: New Hires

Trade Only News: US Team Hires 2 New VPs!

Trade Only Welcomes VP of Sales and Marketing and VP of Customer Success and Operations Philip Shehadeh, newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, joins the Trade Only team at an important time. His appointment coincides with the growth of Trade Only’s e-commerce solution and order management technology, STORE and VISION, as well as the introduction of PromoServe 5.0, Trade…


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