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Does Your B2B Need a Featured Blog?

Your website can be your best friend… If you put the work into nourishing the friendship!

To build a great website, you need to optimize your SEO both onsite and offsite; BOTH are necessary for a flourishing small business.

A common question we receive during training sessions is: “Do I still need a blog even though I’m a small business in the B2B industry?”

Completely valid question! We get it; it may not seem that a blog would be helpful if you’re chatting to other businesses, not the consumer. And how do you create an enticing blog when talking to other professionals?

We answer all of your questions on this “Business Minute,” so hold tight and enjoy the video!

Oh, the beautiful small business entrepreneurs...

An Ode to the Small Business Entrepreneur

I have officially dedicated April 14, 2014 (4/14/14, perfect right?) “Small Business Entrepreneur Appreciation Day.” In honor of all of you small business entrepreneurs, I have written an ode. Read it and weep!   An Ode to the Small Business Entrepreneur   Our, dear, beloved small business owner, Your world contribution far surpasses what you likely believe. The determination you…

Will you be affected? The Windows XP Shutdown.

As of today, April 8, 2014, Microsoft ended its support of all Windows XP operating system. Loads of people who remained loyal to Windows XP, despite Microsoft’s subsequent releases of Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, will now be unprotected from malware and viruses. These Windows XP users are not limited to households; they are comprised of small businesses, medical…


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